Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Viva Loss Vegas

I went to Vegas this last weekend; drove down there with a couple friends of mine.

Here are a few notes:
  • First morning at 4 am we had $4 steaks at a diner a few blocks away from our downtown hotel, The Plaza.

  • This was my first Vegas trip without drinking, and to my minor surprise, it didn't hurt my enjoyment.

  • Also, apparently, not drinking in Las Vegas mitigates any Fear and/or Loathing that one might normally encounter there.

  • I played 5-10 hands of blackjack, a few spins of the roulette wheel, one Texas Hold 'Em poker tournament, and a few other assorted games. Ended the weekend up $15.

  • My friend got an 80 ounce daiquiri in a plastic guitar that he wore all night (it came with a strap) and drank from all night (post-daiquiri he poured beers in it.)

  • Drinking 2-3 guitars full of alcohol may cause severe headaches and blood-vessel-in-face bursting vomiting.

  • For one hour Saturday night, most of the neon signs in Vegas were turned off in honor of Earth Hour. During that hour, there was a guy on Fremont Street with a microphone that played over all the speakers on the street talking about Earth Hour. In a moment of spontaneity, I commandeered his microphone and sang a heartfelt, a capella version of the classic Righteous Brothers song: "You've Lost That Loving Feeling".

  • I ate well all weekend.

  • I walked 3-4 miles Friday, and another 4-5 Saturday.

  • I haven't weighed myself recently, as I've been not exercising at all prior to a couple block-long walks I went on Tuesday and Wednesday of last week. However, after all the Vegas walking I could tell by Sunday (from my face, and the way I was feeling) that I must have lost 15-20 pounds.
Great trip.

Good times.


  1. Well, I'm not sure if I can top the brilliance of Anonymous, but I'll leave a modest little comment anyway.

    Sounds fun! I want to go to Vegas someday.

  2. woohoo! you are a stronger man then I...of course... I'm not a man, but you know what I mean. Thats a hard city to battle in terms of food and drink. You did awesome.

  3. Sounds like a fun weekend. I'm glad you posted. Miss seeing how you are doing and I love your writing. You and Jeff were tied there for a while on not blogging. And I can't say much because I have not blogged regularly.

  4. I love Vegas! Im not as great at you as eating well there :) for me it is a TREAT TOWN (good thing I go so infrequently).

  5. I am headed there in 16 days for the first time. I can't wait.

  6. lol love the idea of streetside singing...

  7. WTG! Glad you got away and had some fun~

  8. Sounds like you had an amazing trip. All the benefits of the sights and sounds without the burden of the hangovers (food or alchohol!). :o) Yay!

  9. How was the Plaza? Downtown always seems a little seedy to me, but the rooms are definitely cheaper. I always wanna send my friends in town visiting to those hotels, but I'm afraid they'll get murdered. What did you think?

  10. Your trip sounds amazing. I love the way you write - you share your spirit and soul. It's refreshing. You are really doing well. (check out that willpower in VEGAS of all places - impressive!)

  11. Good to have you back!

    Very impressive that you were able to resist all the food/drink temptations on your holiday!

    Sounds like you enjoyed yourself.

    I'm looking forward to more posts from you, again.

  12. Glad to see you back. Glad you had a good time in Las Vegas, I've never been, I'm envious. I'm sure you'll get back on track. Way to go on all the walking.

  13. uh oh

    everything ok there?

    busy living NOT blogging I hope!