Thursday, November 12, 2009

Coming Alive

I'm getting back on track, day by day.

It's slow going here at first, but well worth it.

I just wanted to write this as an update to let folks know that my recent post wasn't my last gasp before my head fell back under water for another undetermined length of time.

I'm working at changing my life for the better again.

I did not know how apt my blog title would be when I started, but it has been. And that's fine.

Life is a journey - ups and downs.

I'll ultimately succeed. I know that.

I'll write more soon.

I hope everyone has a great day full of positive choices.


  1. That's heartening to hear. This is anything but a sprint, my friend. I've discovered that it's a slow (sometimes painfully slow) evolutionary process that involves mind, body and soul.

    Yes, there will always be good days and always be setbacks. The important thing is to stick with it and keep plugging away. It does get easier over time. And the payoff is definitely worth the sweat you're putting in.

    Stay strong.

  2. Hang in there, I know how hard the journey can be. It really is about just continuing to try. You'll get there.

  3. It is indeed a very slow journey! But it is worth every bit of effort you put into it.

  4. I thought I would be WAY farther in the process by now but that is not the case. I am slooooowly making changes that are sticking. It takes awhile to unlearn habits that have been established for 43 years!

    Hang in there and looking forward to more posts when you have a chance.

  5. I know EXACTLY what you mean. Ditto for me!

  6. I'm glad to hear you're working your way back, mate.

    Keep your confidence up.

  7. Love the photo. Glad to hear you are coming alive. I believe we will both succeed as long as we never give up trying. Keep the faith.

  8. People that start this journey at a higher weight (I started at 460) will know that it is not just about calories and exercise. That we didn't get to be extra large without "issues". Jack is right... it involves mind, body and soul. And working through all that stuff takes TIME, as you are discovering. It's hard sometimes, and it really does take work, facing our stuff....but it's worth it.

  9. This is going to be full of ups and downs. Sometimes we are treading water like a champ and sometimes its a struggle just to keep our head up. Everyone is so right. This takes more than just an effort focused on the outside... especially when our insides are at the controls. We are constantly discovering new things about ourselves. While we are losing this weight we are rebuilding. It takes time.

    Never say die.

  10. "Life is a journey - ups and downs.

    I'll ultimately succeed. I know that."

    That is the sweet sound of determination.

  11. I'm glad to see you back, I know you will succeed. We all have our ups and downs. I think you're doing great by not withdrawing.

    Have a nice weekend!

  12. Good to see you.
    You have the power!
    You can.

  13. "Self-trust is the essence of heroism." -- Emerson