Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Day 4

Yesterday I got up at 5:30...

I took a one hour and fifteen minute lunch...

I feel asleep last night easily and slept soundly...

Today I am sore...

What does it all mean?

Well, let's just say...

Day 4:

Did I exercise?


I got up at bright and early and joined 3 friends for an hour of basketball.

Then, during my lunch break, I played another hour of basketball.

Today I feel like I spent two hours yesterday engaged in full-on cardio while vigorously working muscles in my arms, back and shoulders that I haven't worked in a while.

(I did)

And so...

Dolla dolla bills y'all.


  1. Way to make every day count!

  2. Holla!
    Ok, so I'm about as gangsta as...a fat Irish Catholic.
    Still...Way to go.
    I'm going to go run (ok, jog slower than shit) now. Apparently, I am the only person not exercising enough lately, and that just won't do.

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