Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day 5

I reread my very first blog post (December 14, 2008) today.

I really enjoyed it so I am re-posting it below in it's (relatively brief) entirety:

"Above are screenshots of three of the hundreds of weight loss related blogs I've viewed in the last 2 days. And those three have something significant in common with 95% of those blogs: they didn't last long. At all. The majority have been under 10 posts total, and then...nothing.

Years pass.

I feel for all those would-be bloggers because, like most people that have struggled with their weight, or the larger concept of trying to create long-lasting, positive change in their lives, I have been there. I've launched a thousand "brand new days". New plans, new strategy's, new beginnings, new classes, books, groups, living situations, diets, lifestyles, routines, etc, etc, etc.

It never gets any easier; failing at a new approach, which is hard because it's so much fun at the start. I once heard the nature of man described aptly as something to the effect of "Great at creation, poor at maintenance".

But, when it comes to human nature, another common theme is perseverance. So, in the interest of attempting to persevere, I am following in the footsteps of both those who failed and left their blog like a virtual ghost town, and those who triumphed. I am starting a blog to track what I plan to be a journey of weight loss and overall success in a life previously marked by failure.

Good luck to me, and to serve the double purpose of serving as a self-motivating final statement of this post, and a potential piece of advice to those who pass by here in the future if I too abandon my post: Never Give Up."


I didn't exercise much yesterday, but I did a little, and "a little" is 100% more exercise than I get when I'm not striving for success, so I am counting it.

I did 50 wall push-ups.

And for that, I received a healthy George Washington.

Never Give Up.


  1. Agreed! You and Jack must be on the same wave length today.

    Quitting isn't an option!

  2. Are you really taking a picture of someone paying you a dollar per day or did you take like 125 in one day and now you're posting them one at a time? Most people in my life aren't too hip on playing along with my blog activities so I'm just cruious :)

  3. You know when I started I made a bet with a co-worker that I could walk 100 days in a row. I really do believe it is what got me going and kept me going. I'm proud of you and glad to see ya back, always loved your words.

  4. I am so happy to see you back here, buddy! It's been a great five days. Keep truckin'. :)

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