Monday, August 10, 2009

15 Step

I walked through the old downtown portion of Pocatello on Saturday; all along the big faded neon signs, and old fashioned glass store fronts.

There was a kitchen appliance store selling Maytag refrigerators and dishwashers that were displayed prominently up front in the large windows by the sidewalk, much as I imagine they were all throughout the country 50 years ago as the housewife of that era looked into the window of those stores imagining themselves buying those appliances and thus becoming the proud owner of the "kitchen of"

I eventually made my way to the "end" of the town where the old brick buildings and false store fronts stop, and then walked by the small, art deco greyhound station on my way to the railroad yard.

I walked through the yard, stopping to watch a train pass a few times (thinking of the John Galt line), and eventually made my way to the other side where I continued my walk.

In another 15 minutes or so I completed my walk. I had gone 2 miles in an hour; woohoo!

What a lovely walk for a Saturday afternoon, and what an accomplishment for a 607 lb man; I am awfully proud of that.

Though, to be fair, I did drive across town this morning and pay my weekly visit to the retirement home where I use the scale, and as it turns out, though I was 607 lbs when I weighed last week, I probably wasn't that much by Saturday. When I weighed this morning I learned that I lost 15 pounds last week.

I feel so grateful for the position I'm in to be able to heal and continue towards health, as well as for the help and support from so many in my life, personal and in the blogging community.

Ahhhhh, it does feel nice, I must say.

Here's to a wonderful week full of great choices for us all.


  1. Congrats on your loss. The walk sounds nice, you described it so vividly.

    Wishing you a good, healthy and strong willed week yourself.

  2. Sounds like a fun walk. I love old towns. Congrats on your loss too!

  3. Great loss! So glad you enjoyed your walk over the weekend. I have been to Pocatello once. It's pretty. Your time was outstanding!

    Have a great week!

  4. Sounds like a fabulous walk with lots of interesting sights. Congrats on your victory of physical activity and the loss! That's fantastic.

  5. I love your posts *smile*, sounds like a wonderful walk. Makes me want to find an old town to walk in. Way to go on the great lost you are doing great.

  6. Awesome job! Great writing as usual.

  7. Congratz!!!!!! Way to go. Sounds like a fantastic walk. I can't wait to start walking again. I tried today but after 10 minutes my ankle swelled again. I shall try again next week. 15lb Amazing. you are an insperation.

  8. Walking helps my mind, it's like meditation with exercise.

  9. The Prospector doesn't serve brunch anymore, can you believe it? That's where I worked for a few years when I moved back fromm New Jersey - maybe you saw me there! I was the bitch waitress. That's the best way to describe me, I think LOL. My name is AnaVera, so great to "meet" you:) Sorry I'm not the great high-five type right now. I'm sitting on 265. Shhhhh, you're really the first person I've ever told in person or online. Hmmmm... kind of freeing. Thanks for being a witness, everyone - Put THAT in your diaries! The brunch was at MiCasa. They serve raw oysters - and I ate 12 of them!!! I guess I could have had more, but if I left without eating other food at an all-you-can-eat, I would have been pissed. It's the variety of foods that I have access to, you see, that I appreciate so much. But, I must admit, so great not feeling the need to stuff my face to excess - and that being my choice.

  10. Glad you enjoyed your walk on the wrong side of the tracks :P

    Just wanted to say you're doing amazing and it's just all kinds of inspiring for me. Thanks :)

  11. 15 lbs...Wow! You're doing great! I love your posts, they are so thoughtful and uplifting.

    Also, I love the B&W pictures you you take those yourself?

  12. You are a painter of words - I was there for a moment.

    Yeah, the B&Ws - are they yours, if so, you are also a very talented photographer with an eye for an outstanding picture.

    Anyhoo,the job in hand - 15lbs - WELL DONE!

  13. Job well done! Thanks for taking us along on your stroll. Looking forward to your continued success!