Wednesday, September 23, 2009

take me in and dry the rain...

Here's the thing: when in Vegas a few weeks ago it sounded like a good idea to my friend and I that we both shave our beards into moustaches because we were soon going to Tombstone and a bewhiskered homage to the gunslingers of yesteryear sounded right.

So, we did.

And, as it turns out, that was an epic victory. I had never worn only a moustache before, but our strolling down the dirt roads of the old west with them was just about perfect.

Now - fast forward to this last week: here's what I have learned: while moustaches can be funny and cool during an old west road trip, once you've got a week's stubble, a noticeably larger face, and you've been drinking, a moustache seems to really come into its own and show its true a**hole colors.

I once thought my moustache rested on my face in a dignified posture with a hint of badass and a touch of ironic amusement. Now I see it smugly splayed out above my upper lip, making itself obscenely comfortable; openly mocking me because it knows I've succumbed to it's insidious power - succumbed to that same dirtbaggedness that almost all moustache wearers fall to at some point.

Bad times.

So, in summary:

Moustache on road trip = good

Moustache during downward spiral = evil

Now, moving on:

South Beach Steve (I like that name. I know it's related to the diet, but I like the "place + name" naming convention. I want to be known as Erie Canal Chad, or Hudson Bay Chad, or maybe Mississippi Chad. Hmmm, yea, I don't know. None of those are what I want. The problem probably starts with Chad not being my name. Meh.)

Anyway, today South Beach Steve is starting his " The Hot 100 – Going Out With a Bang!" contest. And while I'm opting not to participate, I do like both Steve's blog AND delicious pickled vegetables (I'm referring of course to the contest's prize: a jar of the ridiculously good sounding, homemade "smoked, sweet & sour, pickled jalapenos.")

However, I am very grateful that Steve pointed out that, including today, there are 100 days left in 2009; a great goal-ready timeline if ever there was one.

As such, I am going to start my own end-of-year weight loss and health effort. I humbly call it: "The Hotness Begins: 100 days of Autumn (& Winter) ~ Motivationathon 2009, Version 2.0 - I'm Here for the Gangbang!"

The key for me to have a successful THB100DOA&WM2009V2.0IHFTGB is going to be the starting point. Nothing can be achieved without first having been begun (as I believe Yates once wrote), and given that I am just coming out of a streak-breaking funk, this initial push is most important indeed.

So, here is my plan:
1) Eat healthy - roughly 1500-2000 calories a day w/almost all whole foods.
2) Exercise - walk, or get some form of cardio, at least 4 times a week. Lift weights at least 3 times a week.
3) Do the mental, emotional, and spiritual things that were working so well and leading me into recovery.

I have a couple of different numbers in my head of my ideal weight loss success for this effort, but I'm not going to stress them. I know...KNOW, that if I do what I need to do over the next 100 days, that I will be very happy with where I'm at.

Alrighty, and there we are.


  1. awesome idea and great two have motivated me to push these last 100days as well!

  2. You can get a lot accomplished in 100 days.

    I like where you're head's at with this. Get after it and make some magic happen.

  3. i have to get rid of my mustache don't i?

  4. But I want to see the 'tache. How can we really tell if it's badass or asshole without pics?

  5. I didn't figure you for a Chad plus hardly any city would sound tough stuffed in front of the name Chad. Maybe Chatanooga Chad, but that's just a little ridiculous, wouldn't you say? Yes, agreed.

    Now...100 days is a long time to either do lots of awesome of lots of nothing-special. So I hope we both go the awesome route, because otherwise I'm never gonna fit into that Catwoman suit in time for Halloween...2012. In the everlasting words of the great Al Sharpton, UP with HOPE, DOWN with DOPE!

    Lastly, dude, you can't talk up half a post about a mustache that you're not willing to show! Channel your inner Tom Selleck and bust that sucker out. Then get rid of it, post-haste.

  6. I'm with Tricia! I wanna see you grow a big cop style porn stache! They are the cooliest!

    Great goals dude. Let's do it.

  7. Even though you are opting not to participate, thanks for the link! The peppers, as you suspect, are fantastic! In fact, I am dreading parting with a jar of them.

    BTW, the goals look good and I love the name of your own personal challenge. :-)

  8. I am glad to see you back on track! The bit about the mustache is funny...take a picture of it, post it up and then shave it as quickly as possible!

  9. Glad to see you are yanking your bootstraps (or moustache as the case may be!)

    100 days...a lot can be accomplished.

    Or nothing.

    Your choice.