Monday, December 22, 2008

Walking Tall in Broken Shoes

Today was a good day; I've been feeling pretty happy. I’ve been getting more and more motivated and in touch with my intrinsic desire to change and get healthy as this last week has gone on. That is soooo great.

This weekend was good. I ate well all weekend, well, actually I ate too much for dinner Sunday by quite a bit, but not nearly enough to equal of my binges. After all, as my grandfather use to say: "2 helpings each of spaghetti and salad does not 2 large extra cheese pizza's with ranch dipping sauce make."

So yea, good weekend. No real exercise which is not so good though. I've been going to these "step/strength" classes the last week, and they don't have them on the weekends. I'm going to have to start walking or something to make up for that on Sat/Sun. Wasn't too motivated to get out and walk this last weekend though, in large part because Snow & Ice are bad for me; they are the Woodward & Bernstein to my Nixon, the Batman & Robin to my Joker, the Ben & Jerry to my, well, to me also, actually. Damn you, you fucking delicious ice cream.

Anyway, the point is that too much time spent walking on icy conditions is not a risk I'm down for taking at this size; maybe when I lose enough weight to not break my shoe while I'm working out.

Oh yea, side note: on Friday I broke my fucking shoe in half while I was planting my feet hard for some balance ball ab exercises. The sole of my shoe literally cracked in two. Meh, I got over it quick. I just added it to the long list of stuff my weight has broken over the years: kitchen chair, chair at school, reclining chair in living room, patio chair in Mexican airport, another kitchen chair, another recliner, a bed, office chair, the damn steering column in my jeep, chair at treatment center, another office chair, another kitchen chair, shoe, dignity, etc.

Regardless, it's all good. Doing the day to day, working (I do sales for a criminal justice software company from home), working out, playing piano, reading inspiring blogs (thanks to all that I've found and all that have found me), writing, etc. Its feeling great, I'm holding my head a little higher, walking a little taller. And you know, if I keep on this, I think there's a chance I'll be able to start making some significant progress.



  1. I love love love your writing. And your attitude! You are so amazing! You are a better Christmas gift that any of the twenty books I am sure to receive! :)

  2. I've found that the blogging community is making me keep my head in the game and making the journey so much easier!

    Happy Holidays & Happy Weight Loss,

  3. Awesome! You are getting your head in the right place. A great place to be!

  4. Hey! I just posted a comment with like three paragraphs! Boowho! What happened! Anyway. I just wanted to encourage you to keep up the blogging and keep up the blogging!!

    My deep thoughts are gone, lost with the three paragraphs. I WILL be back!

  5. I had to break up with Ben & Jerry. They were all sweet and comforting but terrible for my ongoing well being. It was a bad break up and we don't see each other at all now.

    It sounds like your spirits are up and are getting your head in this weight loss game quite well. Kudos. I've found that attitude is everything in dieting. If I have a great attitude it makes it all that much easier to get things done.

  6. You're going to do great. You're still young, too, so you have that on your side. I only wish I had done this ten years ago.

    Small changes over time = results. Hang in there.

  7. Hang in there!! This is a really hard time of year to try to stay healthy.

  8. It IS all good! You are an amazing man (just in case you didn't realize it). Progress is good ... even if it's not the perfect vision you had in your head. Sometimes you have to take it a little at a time. I have NO DOUBT you will succeed at this!

  9. One of the embarrassing moments that helped me jump start my weight loss efforts was when I broke a chair at my bosses' Thanksgiving dinner that they invited me over to.

    I was both completely embarrased and now have become paranoid about sitting in those normal plastic patio chairs.... which sucks.

  10. Well. . . on the bright side, at least you were on the balance ball instead of breaking a chair at the ice cream parlor eating a banana split. . .

    I love your blog title btw. I assume you know Prochaska. . .one of my motivators as well.