Monday, July 27, 2009

Let It Be

This last week has been great.

I've been working at, well, at what amounts to "livin' right".

I've been trying to embrace the fundamental truths of life and just stay that course.

Now mind you, I'm sure this lifestyle likely sounds incredibly obvious, but I know enough about human nature, and myself most certainly, to recognize that the obvious things in life aren't often the things that are acted on.

So anyway, here are some basic truths I'm finally living:

1) I'm telling the truth. AMAZING, but maaan, what a relief it is. How good it feels.

2) I'm treating my body well.

3) I'm actively exercising faith. Another great feeling; it's freeing.

4) I'm putting good things into my body in regards to what I read, listen to, watch, etc. Now, I know not everyone will believe this, but, when I read daily meditation/self-help/recovery/weight loss/etc. books, I feel better overall that day than when I read nothing but celebrity gossip websites and negative political blogs. When I listen to Bach cello suites or excellent Ben Folds songs all day I feel better than when I listen to Rammstein and Ice Cube.

Yes, astounding though it is, I'm beginning to suspect a correlation to not only what I physically put in my body and how it thus feels, but to what I listen to, watch, and read, and how I feel as a result. I love Elliot Smith, but I dare you to listen to his catalogue exclusively for a couple days without feeling depressed, and I've only heard a couple of songs by Slipknot, but I can't imagine listening to their stuff for any significant period of time and being able to feel like I was at peace with myself.

5) I'm living in the moment. I'm not planning a binge tonight, I'm not looking for the next opportunity to sneak out and drink, and I'm not preoccupied with trying to create a new lie to cover for another one I previously told. I am in the moment, and I'm in it with the people I'm with in that moment, for example: I'm eating lunch with my sister, and I'm just feeling the feelings of the moment: the thoughts and the actions of the moment. I'm bringing none of any past negative interactions we've ever had into the moment, I am simply enjoying the time spent with someone I love. I'm doing that with everyone.

6) I'm letting anger go. A big one for me, but guess what, Anger sssuuuccckkkkssss. It makes me ssssssssssssooooooooooooo tiiiiiiirrrrrrreeeeeeeddddddd. It takes a massive toll on my body, mind, and spirit. I can't have it. I have an anger problem, albeit not a frequent one, but now I'm trying to let things be, and starting to do the work to let long standing resentments go, and forgive others and ultimately, hopefully, eventually, myself.

Ahhhhhh, just talking about all this makes me realize, and be grateful for, the weight that's been lifted off of my shoulders through all these actions.

I've found that, basic and obvious though it may be, it helps to lighten ones load by letting go off everything unnecessary, and just doing what's true; what's right.

And speaking of "lightening ones load" (dig the segue), I lost 12 unbelievably unnecessary pounds last week.

Thanks to all for their support. Good luck to us all tomorrow


  1. i just found your blog tonight. it's beautiful to look at and makes me feel kind of goes along with what you wrote about livin' right. you're putting something good into the world every time you share here. thanks.

  2. I like this philosophy of only good stuff in. The results could well be good stuff out (but judging from the quality of your writing, I think that happens already).

    Well done on the 12lb down!

  3. Way to go on the 12 lbs. I do think if our goal is contentment, happiness, good things then the weight will eventually come off. It really is about fixing our minds as well as our bodies.

  4. WOW... great job losing weight. I like how you said that you are being honest and telling the truth. I think it is so key in weight loss. Lying to ourselves and others will only harm us in the end and the scales will show

  5. I find the same, the better I nourish and take care of myself, the better I feel. We do tell ourselves a lot of lies to keep with unhealthy habits, don't we?

  6. Awesome loss dude. Sounds like your new lifestyle is really working out for you. That's good to hear.

  7. I have a blog crush on you!

  8. I do not remember being as wise as you when I was 27 years old. How enlightening..what you wrote tonight. Honesty is hard.....but crucial.

  9. I like the idea of #4. Gonna work at that one myself. WTG on "livin' right."

  10. Anger really steals so much from you. It can be useful to spur us on initially but over time it is just such a thief of all the things we need to live happy lives.

    Congratulations on the 12 pound loss. That is so fantastic. It sounds like #4 is really doing you some real good.

  11. Awesome blog you have here. Thank you for the wonderful comment you left for me.

    You're really making some incredible transformations---not only physically, but mentally. And the mental stuff is paramount to our success. You know that.

    My best always

  12. This was such a wonderful post! I love hearing about ALL the good changes you are making. Just eating right and exercising will never heal us without all those emotional changes, too.

  13. Wow! With all the changes you are making, the food changes will be a snap!

    Congrats on the awesome loss, BTW!