Monday, July 20, 2009

The Weigh I Am

I drove the lonely drive of the formerly damned this morning. I drove across town in the early morning with the sun just beginning to tease the heat soon to follow.

My destination was the only place in 100 miles (outside, I assume, of truck weigh stations) that has a scale that I can get a read on.

So, as I've mentioned before, it was there I went. I walked in as I always do, which is to say: unannounced. I was told once by a woman who used to work at the old folks home where in the facility their scale is located. Since then, when weighing, I just walk in, head to the room, weigh, and take my leave.

It does add an admittedly surreal quality to the whole experience. An experience which, when you have a body as big as mine, is (like virtually anything I do in public) already fairly surreal. It often seems as if one of the guests on a very special "Human Oddity" episode of Maury Povich has escaped the television studio in search of sustenance.

I digress.

I walked in to the senior center and, as expected, for whatever reason, every staff member I encountered at any point within the stale smelling labyrinth seemed to think I had an acceptable reason to be there. It's pretty weird frankly; I have never, not once, been asked what I am doing there. It seems a nice place, but I'm kind of glad that no one I know lives there - you know, what with the big fat bearded men they allow to wander the place.

So I walked in as usual and successfully made my way to the room with the scale. No staff or anyone stopped me from getting there because I am apparently TOO BIG TO FAIL.

I stood on the scale and saw a 10 pound loss.


Here's to a good tomorrow and another great week!


  1. That is fantastic. You are making tremendous strides and it is showing. Keep it up!

  2. YAY for the loss. WTG. (But I'm very worried about the residents of the old folks home where you weigh due to their lack of security.)

  3. The last two weeks seem to have given you a great jump start back to basics. Walking sounds great. Little bits- protect those bones!!

    Now onto other subjects. We have known each other through treatment, and now a year postTFC!! I think it is time to start posting numbers. It is not about how others perceive those numbers because "they" don't matter. I think it is incredibly therapeutic to take the mystery, secret, hiding, etc. OUT of those numbers. I almost tore out my eyes when I finally posted my weight (wwwaayyy back in October), but it took the shit out of the numbers. Done. Gone. Take a fucking load off, use this place to spill your guts. No one knows you here!

  4. WOW! Well done - that is an excellent loss! Love the photo and the way you describe the experience. I can see a journalist or writer in your future.

  5. Congrats on the 10 pound loss. I wonder if they'll ever question your reason for being there. Stay strong and keep up the good work - you are another 10 pounds closer to your goal.

  6. Sounds like a lonely surreal road . . .a reality for you, a metaphor for many of us.

    I bought a painting for myself of a girl jumping rope alone surrounded by trees. It made me happy and said at the same time and fit my inner desire and mantra that I can do "this"; I have the inner strength and spirit.

    Great job.

  7. 10 pounds is awesome. I can't believe no one asks why you are there! How strange.

    Keep going, every pound counts.

  8. I love the way you write. Congrats on the loss!

  9. Yahoo for you!!! It is courageous for you to go there, not everyone would. So I would say you are in a stage of change.

    Excellent work.

  10. Good Job on the 10 pound loss.

    Wow, a very well written post. I wish I was as talented as you. Do you take the pics on your blog? I took photography in college.

    I wish you many, many more successes.

  11. holy crap, good job! keep it up!

  12. You write like a professional. And 10 pounds lost. Good job, guy!

  13. That's is wonderful progress!

  14. Awesome job dude. To me, that's a brave thing to do. Good luck for the next one!

  15. Wonderful loss. And a cute, funny post too. I love the way you write. "Too Big to Fail"... hahaha.