Friday, January 16, 2009

You Say You Want an Evolution: Weekly Review & Planning

My Goals for the last week are listed below, with comments on how I actually did in red:
1) Drink 6 liters of water daily. - Goal accomplished.

2) Do at least 1/2 hour of cardio (the class, walks, aerobics at home, etc) at least 5 days. - Goal accomplished. Did an average of 50 minutes of cardio 5 days this week.

3) Work out with weights at home at least 2 times. - Didn't accomplish, but did do 30-40 wall push-ups 5 days this week.

4) Because I've been doing this for a couple weeks and want to keep it up, and also want to keep track of the healthy habits I'm building, this week a goal will be to continue to write down everything I eat on my sub-blog. - Goal accomplished.

5) No binges - Goal accomplished, though did have a pretty consistently bad food day last Friday.

6) Write at least 4 posts on this blog - Goal accomplished.

7) I'm not sure if I will always want to make a certain number of weight loss a goal, and I'm already wavering as to its usefulness, but for now I'll keep it. So my goal for this next week is the same as the number I accomplished this last week: Lose 9 lbs, which will take me under 590. - Didn't accomplish. I lost 6 pounds.

You know, I feel pretty freaking great about this week.

I kicked ass physically, I ate well, and no matter the highs or lows of the week, my attitude/perspective/overall emotional well-being around this losing weight/getting healthy effort has remained amazingly grounded in objective optimism.


Okay, now, looking ahead. Below are my goals for the next week*:

1) Drink 6 liters of water daily.

2) Do at least 1/2 hour of cardio (the class, walks, aerobics at home, etc) at least 5 days.

3) Work out with weights at home at least 2 times.

4) Measure the cereal servings I'm putting in the big bowl I eat every morning, and if there's too many (I suspect there might be as many as 4 in there when I'm done filling it to the top) lower that number to a max of 2 servings anytime I eat cereal, all week.

5) No binges

6) Write at least 4 posts on this blog

7) In the interest of continuing to increase awareness in all areas of my life, expand my list of goals for 2009 to include a variety of areas and subjects. And keep them in an area where I can review them frequently.

*No weight loss goal.

This last week I worked out 5 days for 50 minutes of hard cardio and I lost 6 pounds. Last week I worked out only 3 days for 45 minutes of hard cardio and I lost 9 pounds.

So, in summary, I really cranked up the work-outs this week and my food was just as good as last week, yet I lost 3 less pounds.

But, check this out man, because this is blowing my mind...


In fact, I am STOKED.


Dammit, I feel GRRRRRRREAT!!

And why?

Because I am in this for the long haul.

I no longer need the scale to be my friend that I co-dependently look to and let define whether I'm happy or sad like I have during all my past "getting healthy" attempts. I also no longer need the love and recognition from telling friends and family I am losing weight fast and in big ways: "Hey, guess what? I lost 25 pounds this week! Isn't that awesome?! I did good, right?!?!"

The only reason I get on the scale once a week now is to allow me a chance to pat myself on the back, and/or to think about what I might want to tweak next week as my evolution progresses.

Because what does one week really matter when I'm in this forever?

Here's what I know to be one of the most powerfully true things I've ever realized, and more importantly, internalized: If I am now on a path, not just to get down to 225 lbs, not just to lose weight, but to really become a healthy person for the rest of my life - then nothing matters besides to KEEP GOING.


That is it.

I had an inkling of that fact when I wrote my very first post on this blog, and actually, I ended that inaugural post with a reminder to myself of that fact, that Most Important Weight Loss Tip of All Time.

I'll end this post with it too:



  1. Whoo-hoo! Awesome attitude. In fact, I think you've just inspired me and pumped me up for the week ahead! :)

    Congrats on your great week, and your upcoming goals seem very healthy and realistic.

  2. Never give up! That's my motto too! I have it in my signature on the WW board.

    Keep up the great work. I look forward to reading your blog every week to see how you are doing!

  3. Your thoughts are so right on...we are all in this for the long haul...on to forever! Great job!

  4. I'm so happy for you! You kicked ass and took names. I love that you brought up the concept of evolution. That's exactly what is happening. You can see so clearly. I think it's fantastic.

    In my mind, I see you at your goal already. I've told you before that I know you are an amazing person. I know when you are healthy nothing will stop you. It's really cool to share this journey with you.

    F-in A! Right on! :)

  5. Push ups (calisthenics) are considered a form of weight training (technically) and are just as effective as anything else. Anything using your body weight is considered a form of weight training. I mean, think of all the push ups and pull ups we could do (I cannot do either of them so haha!)? I am full of information (and bullshit but this was real info this time).

    This is an amazing post. It was so good that it made me feel good about MYSELF and it was not even my post or thoughts.

    I am so impressed with your moderation with your loss. I was so worried about the killer 15lb or even 20 lb weeks. Really... Ask that girl with blond hair that we both know (and love in different ways). It always worries me. You are being so balanced with this shit! WOW.

    I remember your resistance to small numbers at TFC... no good.

  6. Actually, I want to correct one thing. You are healthy ALREADY and nothing is stopping you.

    You rock!

  7. I was smiling the whole time I read your post!
    Here's to your awesome ass-kicking week!!!!
    Never Give Up ~~ the secret to it all.
    Your enthusiasm is catchy! Thanks for passing it along. You've inspired me to kick up my happiness for the week. I'll be thinking of you!

    About the cereal. Could you use a smaller bowl that you know holds less? That way it'd still LOOK like alot and you wouldn't have to measure every time.

  8. You should feel freaking great! You rocked this week!

  9. Congratulations on another successful week. You are awesome!

  10. Awesome week, congrats on the loss. You are doing amazing. Have a great healthy weekend!

  11. Good stuff mate. And dude, 6 lbs is right on target for healthy weight loss. 1-2%

    Push-ups are a great compound exercise as well. You're hitting a lot of different muscles with them.

    Keep up the fantastic work!

  12. You know i love weekly goals and weigh in's!! And you rocked them this week :) You are inspiring me for the week ahead!!

  13. You are amazing!!!!So inspiring to me. I really like the Never Give Up!That's the ticket.Way to go!

    The great thing about this is your head is in a healthy place. All of your goals are realistic and healthy. And you they are goals and you do not need to beat yourself up if ones a little off. The main thing is consistancy and stick to itiveness. You are transforming your life for a lifetime, one day at a time. All your peeps out here are proud of you.Keep on truckin BABY!

  14. GREAT JOB!!!! :D I love your weekly roundup!

  15. I'd say you had an excellent week! Well done for sticking to your goals and re-evaluating them afterwards. I never make weight loss a goal, because I can't actually control the number. For me the goals are just the things that I can DO.

    I wish you all the best for the week ahead!

  16. I LOVE this post! It makes me realize what a slug I am. I can only set goals by the day and even then I lack self examination. You're on the road to your normal weight and with a great pace.

    I checked out your list of movies - it seems that you covered most of my all time favorites - good man!

  17. I love the 'Never give up' statement. May I borrow it?

    We all put too much weight (pun intended) on the scale numbers going down. It's a quick fix for us to see the dwindling numbers. But...You probably gained muscle this past week and that may be why there wasn't a bigger loss than last week.

    You are doing great and I'm so proud of your progress and determination and attitude. YOU ROCK!!

  18. I really needed to hear that about the scale. My mind has been out of it since the scale went up this week.

  19. Way to go with sticking to those fitness goals! That is just fantastic. You are really doing great. I agree about the scale although I struggle with that relationship myself but you have the right attitide. It IS all about the path we are on and what direction we are heading on that path - not how fast but how steady we are actually putting one foot in front of another.

  20. Awesome week and awesome insight! Long haul here we come...come hell or a *gasp* gain on the scale we'll (you already said it) NEVER GIVE UP! ;o)

  21. WOW!!!! What a terrific week! You must be VERY proud of yourself!

    I really like what you wrote:

    "If I am now on a path, not just to get down to 225 lbs, not just to lose weight, but to really become a healthy person for the rest of my life - then nothing matters besides to KEEP GOING."

    Well said. Very true.

  22. Everything you have ever written here always reminded me of an old roommate I had back in CA. He was an easy-going guy that was really clever and always had plenty of pearls of wisdom. Every time I read your posts or comments that you leave on my or other people's blogs in my head it is his voice.

    Your writing sounds so much like him that now you have a voice in my head! :)

    Congrats on the great week! You're rocking!

  23. I agree with what you said. By keeping my blog on "public" status anyone is allowed to read it. The part that I am trying to prevent is my blog linking back to any of that shit. It is one of the few things that I am offended by...

  24. I'm glad that you had such a great week. I find that the hardest part is to always keep a positive attitude and to keep motivated. If you can keep this enthusiasm when you have bad weeks, you will do fine.

    Jared from

  25. Great job! 6 lbs is awesome. Keep up the good work!

  26. good goals, even though not 100% met, good job getting most there, keep at it!

  27. Wow look at all those comments *smile*. Way to go on all those goals accomplished. 6 lbs gone is wonderful!!! How did your weekend go?

  28. As the incredible accountability friend that I am... Get to posting mutherfucker! Your week is running out!

  29. Six pounds is great dude. Good job at not binging! I certainly need to work on that. Good mentality in regards to the scale as well. Too many people think the number on the scale is the most important thing in the world.

  30. Never give up, what a wonderful concept. Pop on over to my blog, I have something for you.

  31. Hey, just wanted to check in and see how you are doing. I was looking through my blog roll and I was like "hey...where's that one guy who writes so eloquently?!" :-) Anyway, good job on accomplishing all of those goals last week, you did awesome!

  32. Just wondering where you've been. I need something to read!